Fridgy Friends

Since teenagers, people tend to have numbers of bestfriends who play the comfort-zone role. They are more likely to be warm-hearted friends, care a lot, stand-by physically and virtually, good hugger, sympathetic, and somehow they are making you attached to them in many ways. I, myself, have got some of this warm friends as well. However, as I grow older, I begin to think and feel that there are kind of people who seems cold and quite ignorant but surprisingly they make good friends and you can trust them. Mostly they do not talk much, they seem indifferent but actually they do care and pay attention to us, our stories, our concern, and our insecurities.

My favorite thing about having this cold friend is that they are there most of the time with clear logical thinking, put aside their feelings, and help us by giving some suggestions which are making the damn sense, especially in a condition where we are no longer neutral to make a decision. Other things that I like about cold friend is that for every single problem, story, or insecurity issue, they make the solution quickly, efficiently, and effectively. They do not intrude further in our daily life, they do not interfere further to our other problems, and the most important thing is they are no judgmental. Cold friends hardly gossip about you and your problems, because they do not see them as hot material to be widely spread. No matter what. The only minus point of this kind of friends they usually are lack of affection. You will not get pat on shoulder very often, a nice long hug, puppy eyes of solidarity, or even a holding hand moment. They will just sit there beside you, listen, and think at the same time.

Well, I got very limited number of this kind of cold friends. Small circle comforts me.

I was thinking when and why did I begin to switch from warm friends to these cold friends lately. I forgot about when, but the reason… I guess because as we grow older, there are more things complicate our life at the same time, further responsibilities, various experiences, higher hopes, yet the time seems not enough to handle all those stuffs. We need more spaces to think, more chances to contemplate, and longer moment to be with our own selves. So that means we are no longer spending as much time as we were in high school with our besties. Life has changed. We both understand that we do not have to check on each other everyday.  This is where cold friends become more convenient. They do not demand our full attention and vice versa. Because they also have lives to work with and problems to cope with which as important as ours.


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