The Adams wore White Shoes at 4.20 while listening to Barasuara

I was a concert virgin.

Until last week, a friend of mine randomly asked me out to see a rock band which apparently has become our favorite lately.

First thing first, this is the only rock band that I am willingly listening to. What I’ve got in my mind about rock band was always uneasy, wild, chaos, and impossible to enjoy. But then, Barasuara unknowingly slipped into my spotify shuffle-play. After one song I was hooked up by how neat their beat was while bringing big energy at the same time. Oh well, I know nothing about music. I am just a forever listeners in my life. One thing for sure about Barasuara, your songs are enjoyable and memorable to me. That’s what matter. For your info, I only knew two guys from this band. Iga and Marco. Iga caught my attention because he is so dandy and too neat for a rocker. With batik for every show, he exactly looked like my high school teacher. Oh, and the fact that he is a family man melts me like butter on a hot pan! How about Marco? Of course I looked for his info since his beats were the first thing that hooked me up to Barasuara, if possible I would scream “GEBUK AKU MARCO, GEBUK!” Anyway we got a bad news 1 hour earlier from Marco’s instagram he was sick and his lil bro will be the replacer. Hmm… we were prepared that this concert would be without Marco.

Okay, so that day we checked on Barasuara Instagram account to find out more about the event. In fact, it was kinda festival held by A Mild which presented several indie bands. One of the highlights: THE EVENT WAS FREE OF CHARGE hahaha.  Besides, there were other cool bands that we would love to see as well, such as White Shoes and The Couples Company , and The Adams. Without further consideration we headed to Gudang Sarinah.

First world problem was how to find the parking lot. It was totally full and packed. There was no space that even the slimmest bike could fill in. Then the second world problem was the rain. It was raining so hard and my friend remembered that there was no umbrella in the car. If we would take risk by parking somewhere quite far from Gudang Sarinah, then how will we fight the rain? So we stopped for a while to think with a help from Gmaps. In 15 minutes my friend geniusly found DHL office that its parking lot is perfectly across Gudang Sarinah. Yeayy! And what’s more relieving was that actually we found an umbrella somewhere in the car. Double yeayyyy!

Barasuara, here we come!

Impact from earlier heavy rain, the venue could be pictured as below

not a shirathal mustaqim

We arrived in the perfect timing to see WSTCC performed about 5 songs. Not so many people engaged yet until they finished.

I just realized that Sari was such a pecicilian dancer :’)

After that, the MC announced it was time for Maghrib break. WOW WHAT A SYARI’AH CONCERT! So we found a proper mosque around, did maghrib prayer, and went back to Gudang Sarinah. While waiting for the next band we strolled around the venue, took pictures, and lalala.


As soon as we heard some noises, we rushed to the main stage. At that moment, an unfamiliar band was performing their song. Our attention was tickled by the vocalist style and stage act 😀 hahaha he was just so catchy yet unique. But dont get me wrong, because apparently his voice was really soothing and the songs fit our ears. Later we knew, that band was 4.20 (fourtwnty). And again, the MC announced it is time forrrrrrr… Isya break! SERIOUSLY?! I am so glad that everything was going syar’i ! Hahaha

Next next, still 2 bands to go to see my darling Barasuara. So we enjoyed the performance of The Adams which brought back the old memory :’) followed by tons of laughter since this band was no doubt part of ludruk society! Wakakak.

Consider ‘stand up comedy’ for your retirement later! 😀

After that, it was time for Kelompok Penerbang Roket (KPR). The audience were different, they seemed so freaking wild and unstoppable headed to center area in front of stage. Okay, I knew this band by name just because my friend mentioned it to me once and showed the album of Teriakan Bocah. Practically, I knew nothing. Soooo, when KPR entered the stage people started to scream. I did not know why because my eyes were glued to the fake Dave Grohl. Yes, he was John Paul Patton. Coki! God bless your face, dude!


Okay, saved Coki for later because the situation turned out to be super chaos along KPR performance. Those abang-abang were moshing uncontrollably that took so many space!! Number of men were lift up in the air by the crowd! Oh man. I couldn’t event take a single pic of it. Remember that I told you earlier? I was a concert virgin for music sake! So this first encounter with concert ambience was truly shocking for me. I automatically looked at my friend with super worry face and thank God he responded quickly by moving us to the side of stage to avoid the moshpit. Actually, my friend loves KPR and enjoys their songs. So that time was supposed to be a great moment to blend in with the crowd of abang-abang there.  But again, praise The Lord he did not abandon me (bless you!). Well, to be honest along KPR performance I did not watch them because I was busy  watching various weird activities happened in that moshpit. Dear God, for 19 minutes I missed my daster and my bed soo frikkin’ much. Oh No! But I was there for Barasuara so I need to endure a lil bit more. Thank God that CokiCokiKu was enjoyable to look at.

FINALLYYYYY after waving goodbye to KPR, it’s time for BARASUARAAAAA! Yeaaayy. One by one they entered the main stage. But.. Wait..! Who’s that walking towards drum set? Isn’t that…. MARCOOOOO?! Youuu crazy liar, man! But I’m happy :’) Okay then, the performance was opened by quite a formal speech from our Pak RT, Iga Massardi. After that? What I knew was we sang along the whole songs while hoping they would play all those 9 songs from Tarintih album haha. Last song was incredible Bahas Bahasa which played with additional drummer who happened to be Marco’s own little bro. WHAT A TALENT GUYS!!!

Thank you Barasuara! I am looking forward to seeing you in the upcoming tour!


We went home happily with sore legs, a little encok, and starvinggggg!

Well I just unlocked the virtual badge of ‘going to a concert’. So now when someone asks me if I have been in a concert before? I can definitely answer, “Udah dooong, hari gini masa ga pernah ke konser?!” Hahahahaha


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