Alien on duty

current position: Sitting still in front of monitor at one computer-cluster of this campus’s library. For how many hours? yeah, 10 hours straight and still going strong, sweetheart! *pouring red bull into my eyes*

current obsession: kissing channing tatum. I need to beat this coursework down and study for upcoming exam. But why on earth we need exam, huh?!

current situation: Packed space of library, many ‘robots’ are staring blankly to their own monitors. I see some men down, may be they died or just playing with phones -__- Well, though my ears are stuffed with earphones I can hear numerous big sighs. Like life is heavy enough to carry, heavier than human’s sins. I got several books scattered on my table. They’re really thick. Way thicker than my wallet 😦

current condition: Crossed-eye, dizzy head, rumbling stomach (I’m hungry for every 30 minutes), dried throat, sore on shoulders. Oh dear I miss my single-bed, not my single-life of course.

currently on mind: Why is it again I took this master program? why?!

Because apparently you can be overwhelmed by your own dreams. See, what you were asking for is now here right in front of you! Face it, you sleepyhead!!!

Ps:  Despite those crazy life cycle, I’m undoubtedly grateful. Seriously. I think this post is the way I express it. Thank God for the chance 🙂


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