“you’ve built your walls so high, that no one could climb it”

That was a lyric from Labirinth – Beneath Your Beautiful, which is currently one of most played song in my playlist. Talking about ‘walls’ is an abstract thing. It relates more to psychology and emotion part. Walls here means something invisible that people built unconsciously around their hearts. Sometimes people been through a lot in their past. Been hurt, lied to, cheated on, mistreated, or any other bad experiences which leads themselves to be more careful next time. So, the walls is one of the form of self-protection.

I read somewhere (you may google the source) that,

“people build their walls not to keep people out, but to see who is care enough to at least knock them”

Well, there are two sides of this statement. First, the good thing is people can protect themselves from anyone or anything bad, also to prevent their hearts from being hurt again. Then, the bad thing is there is no one that can help to break the walls, it has to be the person who built it the first time. Besides, the walls will continue to be the barrier for people to experience new other chances.

Yeah may be sometimes we have to recover and make sure that bad things will not happen anymore, but hey it is real life! People get hurt and even hurt other people. We can not always wish for scarless life as long as we still live on this earth and interact with many people.

do hurt people, hurt people?

yes they do :/


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