what’s on your plate?

too far


I believe it’s somehow better for us to be strangers again.

Too much love we had back then, even made it was an absolute pain to say goodbye. We did not know how to say it, how to end it. “Fading away” was secretly became the only choice. I was sober and definitely sane taking the choice. A sudden change that affected many aspects in life. Forced the brain and the heart against dramatic. Nobody said it was gonna be easy, and yes.. it was not easy at all.

If we were a box of food, it was expired. But we insisted to consume it. Then, what happened? YES, we got the excitement of eating the food, but almost died as the consequences. So before I ‘die’, I chose to ‘go to the doctor’, got some ‘medicines’, walked away from the ‘food’.

Months from that time, I constantly believe that it was sign from the universe, because God knows I already have too much on my plate.


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