Upside VS Downside

Having a good life is everyone’s dream. Always. But we cant deny that the opposite condition is waiting out there. Miserable life.

Lately, a question popped up in my head: When all the good proper life suddenly taken away, then it changed into something bad or unwanted condition, Why people tend to say “My life is turned upside down”. Why?

I’m sorry for keep questioning in this paragraph. But, why people so sure that the previous life they had was an ‘upside’ ? How do they know? Couldnt it be downside instead? Could it be even better in next stage, huh? I mean, we never know what are  God’s plans, right? People really have no clue about what is happening now, moreover the future.

Yes I know, nobody will take time trying to get the answer for my questions and the gank. So let me put it like this: People say ‘upside’ for picturing some condition that fits to their desire. While ‘downside’ is used for picturing anything unwanted, out of plan. That’s why when they are sad, comes out that phrase “My life is turned upside down”

Well…. it sounds logic now.


So it’s possible if someday you’re gonna change that phrase into “My life is turned downside up.”

Make sense though.


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